Why KYOI is Not a Timeshare

Luxury holiday properties and resorts are commonly marketed through timeshares, which provide membership and rostered use.

KYOI does not follow this model. Instead, our innovative investment model offers so much more. Here are three main reasons why KYOI is not a timeshare.

Perpetual right of stay with 365 access

KYOI guarantees 365-day access to all investors, so you can drop in anytime, and stay as long as you wish. Regardless of festive seasons, peak periods, holidays or other popular travel periods, you can have your stay, your way.

This is possible because KYOI’s investment model offers perpetual right of stay at KYOI private sanctuaries, across all our premium destinations in Asia.

In contrast, a timeshare only allocates you a certain number of vacation days, which – depending on the company – may be limited to one specific resort or location. This means you may not be able to book the stay you want, and will have to compete with others during peak periods and festive seasons.

Capital appreciation and guaranteed passive rental

Your KYOI investment provides tangible financial rewards.

As a KYOI owner, you can earn up to 7% returns as passive income, which is generated on days you do not occupy your property. This is fully managed on your behalf via our in-house rental programme, so there’s no effort required on your part to enjoy this benefit.

Additionally, as an early adopter, you are well-positioned to enjoy capital appreciation as a natural consequence of being a property owner – further enhanced by the maturation of the KYOI brand over time.

On the other hand, timeshares do not provide passive income, and are illiquid assets that may lose money over time.

Low living expenses and zero maintenance costs

Each one of your stays are completely serviced by our in-house hospitality team. Daily breakfasts will be provided, along with essentials such as housekeeping, laundry, turndown, and concierge services, for a nominal fee of USD30 per room per day.

The maintenance cost of your property is factored into the passive income yield of your KYOI investment. Thus, as an owner, you do not need to pay upkeep fees out of pocket.

Timeshare subscribers, meanwhile, are expected to contribute towards the upkeep of the property or resort, which can add up to a substantial yearly amount. Furthermore, maintenance fees increase year on year.

KYOI vs holiday homes vs timeshares
The KYOI Way Holiday Home Timeshare


Cost of Home Less expensive More expensive More expensive
Property Maintenance Less expensive More expensive More expensive
Living Expenses Less expensive More expensive More expensive


Location Multiple Depends on programme Single
Healthcare Included NA NA
Passive Income 7% per annum for vacancy NA NA
Community & Activities Included Depends on programme NA

Tenure Perpetual Varies Varies

Capital Appreciation High Varies Varies

KYOI offers a unique lifestyle investment opportunity where you can own your life in perfect balance – living, enjoying and giving. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.