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Jackson Tan | CEO and Founder

KYOI Management Company Limited

Over a 25-year career spent in executive roles for sales and business management, Jackson perceives the importance of enhancing health and wellness, particularly for those dealing with highly demanding careers and lifestyles.

Jackson’s career brought him varied experiences across East and Southeast Asia, including a 12-year stint in cosmopolitan Shanghai, China. Such multicultural immersion inspired him to explore diverse wellness practices, including age-old practices like meditation and natural cures.

Yearning to create a meaningful enterprise, Jackson has designed an innovative and unique lifestyle concept aimed at helping individuals in high-performing roles rejuvenate themselves and regain their balance with life.

Jackson leads the KYOI team in delivering top-tier hospitality, enjoyment customised to taste, eco-friendly and sustainable living, and the opportunity to give back with meaning.

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James Atkinson (ARB) | Lead Architect, KYOI Samui

Fractal Architecture and Design

Multiple-award-winning architect James Atkinson has worked on several acclaimed projects around the globe, including iconic properties in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Scotland, Thailand and Vietnam.

With context, nature and local traditions as inspirations, James incorporates sustainability and green design principles in his work, resulting in creations that are at once dramatic, inviting and memorable.

As the Lead Architect for KYOI Samui, James wields his signature style, imbuing his designs with a sense of space, connectedness and rejuvenation as a tribute to the natural and cultural heritage of lovely Koh Samui.

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Christopher Willison | Construction Manager

KYOI Management Company Limited

Having traveled and worked in the UK, Spain and now Thailand, Chris brings with him a multitude of construction experience spanning over 40 years.

During that time, he has overseen projects running the gamut from award-winning hotels, private beach clubs and boutique luxury developments to the 2012 Olympic Park Stadium in London.

Describing himself as an “organiser and problem-solver”, Chris spearheads all of KYOI’s development efforts. As the head honcho on site, he ensures each project is completed to impeccable standards.

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