Own Your Life

The beginning of a new life

Why the KYOI Life*

You have attained success. The world is at your feet. You think that you are living your best life, striving for sporadic moments of extravagance and pleasure. Yet, what you are really doing is merely satisfying someone else’s definition of success and luxury, being swayed to attain what is supposedly special and worth toiling for. Now you have had time to think and put a new spin to the conventional model of life. You can now set your own rules. Throw conventions to the wind and follow your heart to what success truly means.

At KYOI, we open up your eyes to this new perspective of the joys in living. KYOI is a captivating lifestyle platform that uniquely combines guaranteed perpetual stay with what matters most in life – the perfect harmony of receiving and giving. As the owner of KYOI, you get to stay in any of the KYOI locations and define your own concept of luxury through a host of experiences that are not just passively consumed but actively co-created by you. At the same time, you get to earn passive income and be involved in various communal projects that will help bring so much joy to the local communities. You can now be part of this new community.

Begin this new journey of your life with KYOI. Own your life, with KYOI.

The KYOI Way Holiday Home Timeshare


Cost of Home Less expensive More expensive More expensive
Property Maintenance Less expensive More expensive More expensive
Living Expenses Less expensive More expensive More expensive


Location Multiple Depends on programme Single
Healthcare Included NA NA
Passive Income 7% per annum for vacancy NA NA
Community & Activities Included Depends on programme NA

Tenure Perpetual Varies Varies

Capital Appreciation High Varies Varies

*Representations are based on assumptions and estimates, and do not purport to be complete and accurate. Please contact KYOI for more information.

The KYOI Life Benefits**


  • Access and perpetual stay in KYOI destinations
  • Annual health screening
  • Daily breakfast for two during your stay
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry services for two
  • Friends and Family benefits
  • Guaranteed yield of 7% for vacancy
  • Member discounts and privileges
  • Use of KYOI Fleet of Transport
  • 24/7 onsite professional medical care services


  • Chauffeured transport and limousine services
  • Culinary experiences and private dinners
  • Exclusive activities, events and networking
  • SPA, beauty and fitness programs and services

**Membership Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact KYOI

For ownership and sales, please contact the KYOI sales team at sales@kyoigroup.com

For PR and marketing matters, please contact marketing@kyoigroup.com

For other queries, please contact enquiries@kyoigroup.com