KYOI Receives EIA and Construction Permit

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently received two documents that are very important in our mission to bring KYOI to life.

These official papers are needed so we can go ahead with our planned construction works on our KYOI Samui site.

The first document is the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), a scheme that has been used for environmental planning and management on development projects since 1981.

As all human-led developments inadvertently impact the environment, developers have a responsibility to limit any negative effects. Therefore, the EIA is a highly useful tool that assists in identifying potential areas of note, while recommending the appropriate mitigation measures.

EIA has an encompassing scope. Among the factors studied are energy efficiency, air quality, nature conservation and landscape, as well as visual aspects and social economic factors.

Ultimately, this helps to enhance the use of Thailand’s natural resources in an efficient manner, creating an uplift to the economic benefit and continued development of Thailand.

The second important document we received is none other than our construction permit, issued under the purview of Thailand’s Board of Investment. This document is required for any businesses seeking to carry out any construction work in Thailand.

Essentially, the construction permit acts as an official license that allows KYOI to begin actual construction work on our first KYOI site in Koh Samui. So, this means it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

With these two important documents successfully acquired, KYOI is poised to embark on the next stage in our exciting journey. Very soon, we will be able to start bringing our cherished vision from paper to reality.

The whole team is thrilled at the prospect and frankly, we’re itching to get started. Watch this space for more updates to come your way!