KYOI Groundbreaking on 18 June 2021

In our previous update, we shared that KYOI was ready to begin construction work, having acquired the relevant papers – EIA and BOI construction permit.

Today, we marked the first step in the process with a groundbreaking ceremony!

At precisely 12.28pm (Thailand time), KYOI symbolically broke ground on the site of our Samui property.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Christopher Willison (Construction Manager), Mr. James Atkinson (Director – Fractal Architecture & Design) and Ms. Tiwaphorn Kaewkarn (Architect – Fractal Architecture & Design).

This was a highly anticipated moment for the KYOI team – after all, it’s history in the making. But for the ongoing border restrictions due to COVID-19, more of us would have been there.

Groundbreaking ceremonies are a common corporate activity today, but did you know they actually date back to architectural ceremonies practiced by early Man?

Evidence suggests that groundbreaking ceremonies are such an ancient practice, they actually predate writing!

The ceremony is full of symbolic meaning. The act of breaking or turning over the ground signifies a sacred deposit that would endorse a firm foundation. In many cultures, groundbreaking and the laying of the first cornerstone is usually performed together.

When you think about it, it isn’t surprising that groundbreaking ceremonies have such a long history.

The act of construction brings concepts that previously only exist in the imagination, into corporeal form in the physical world. This impactful and meaningful moment deserves to be commemorated.

Now that we’ve completed our groundbreaking, it’s “all systems go” from here on out for our talented and hardworking team and partners.

We’ll have plenty of exciting news and updates to share along the way, so stay tuned!