The KYOI Way

True beauty comes from within and lies in a healthy mind and body. At KYOI, we believe in this holistic approach to health, wellness and balance. Let our professional healthcare services and wellness programs take care of your physical health. It is time to pamper yourself and experience what KYOI can do for you. Allow KYOI to reignite the sparkle in your body, and let nature do the rest. It is a right step to your better health.

KYOI fully understands that you need time for yourself, to feel free and be free. Spoil yourself with the array of curated fun activities, adventures and experiences.

Adventures Await

Be spoilt for choice with whatever adventures your heart desires. From fire shows, yacht and beach parties, island hopping, Thai boxing, golfing, hiking, diving, biking to wine and cigar appreciation, KYOI brings them to you on a silver platter.


Express your inner creative genius. Learn something new. There is no moment of dullness in KYOI with the diversity of activities including workshops and masterclasses from gastronomy to music and arts.

Endless Pampering

Melt into your massage. Float in your meditation. Relax and pamper your body and mind endlessly with KYOI Spa and every other treatments for yourself, including beauty fixes and fitness training to look your absolute best.

Gastronomical Indulgence

Indulge in gourmet wine and dine privileges that are curated for your preferred palate. No guilt because you own it.

The KYOI Life

Make every KYOI destination a home and adventure. Find out more about the KYOI Life here.


Stay in any KYOI destination of your choice, anytime, for as long as you like.


Find your passion in social projects that make the world a better place.

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