KYOI Chiangmai - Luxury living with a difference

Understated elegance is quintessential of KYOI Chiang Mai. Situated along the Ping River, KYOI Chiang Mai high-end luxury lifestyle offers a difference. At KYOI Chiang Mai, we believe that true happiness is in giving back. Besides indulging in the luxury comforts of KYOI Chiang Mai and visiting interesting local markets and organic produce farms, you can also bring joy to the local communities by volunteering in meaningful activities and projects. Some of these include responsible sourcing of local ingredients for all our restaurants and other climate-friendly initiatives. You can even help out in schools and local orphanages. You become part of the community. You become one of the locals.

Sophisticated Charm

Enjoy the sophisticated charm of urban riverside frontage, and unrivalled choices of delectable local cuisines, signature spa massages and privileged access to curated experiences.